Wardrobe Shock On Live TV – Megyn Kelly HUMILIATED At RNC

The situation at Fox became even more chaotic on Wednesday when Megyn Kelly outraged fans by showing up for work at the Republican National Convention in an outfit that shows what little respect she has for both the network and the viewers.

Breitbart reported that Kelly went on air in a low-cut, spaghetti-strap top that closely resembled a bikini. This was particularly offensive, since Fox News prides itself on their anchors dressing professionally in business attire.

Considering that this came directly after Kelly accused Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, many fans were quick to say this might be her way of getting back at the network.

Television reporters also criticized Kelly for the outfit, saying that female anchors are encouraged to “avoid sleeveless dresses and tops.”

“Unless you are covering a ‘light and fluffy’ event like a flower show, sleeveless dresses and tops are inappropriate and can make you look unprofessional,” noted reporters Ben Fajzullin and Meggin Leigh.

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