Two Officers Assaulted In Cleveland During Flag Burning Protest At RNC

Earlier today, we reported that a flag burning protest took place on Wednesday outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Now, it has been revealed that two officers were brutally assaulted in the chaos that led to 10-16 arrests.

According to Police One, two officers suffered minor injuries from the protest, with one bleeding from the elbow.

The Revolutionary Communist Party has claimed responsibility for the flag burning, with spokesman Carl Dix saying they organized the display because the flag is a “political statement about the crimes of the American empire. There’s nothing great about America.”

Dozens of officers, including Police Chief Calvin Williams, put their own lives at risk to break up the chaotic protest and protect the RNC. It’s this kind of bravery that millions of police officers show all over America everyday. Please keep ALL American cops in your thoughts and prayers!