Before Donald Trump Left the White House, His Staff Held a “Special” Meeting – This Is TROUBLING…[Details]

The Wall Street Journal released a fresh report detailing how Trump’s staff held an intervention for Donald.  Like everyone else in America, they are worried about Trump’s Twitter addiction.

According to the WSJ report, his aides organized the “intervention” to request that Donald refrains from using Twitter.  They gathered all of his most controversial tweets to review which ones landed him in the most trouble e.g. Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

His aides reportedly told him that his ambitious tweets could “paint him into a corner” both legally and politically.

Read an excerpt from the WSJ report below:

Mr. Trump’s aides have also been pressing for more restraint by the president on Twitter, and some weeks ago they organized what one official called an “intervention.” Aides have been concerned about the president’s use of Twitter to push inflammatory claims, notably his unsubstantiated allegation from March that his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, had wiretapped his offices.

In that meeting, aides warned Mr. Trump that certain kinds of comments made on Twitter would “paint him into a corner,” both in terms of political messaging and legally, one official said.

Trump did claim before entering the White House that he would make a significant cutback.  During a November interview with 60 Minutes, he said, “I’m going to be very restrained. If I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained,”

Like most, if not all of Donald’s promises, it never happened.

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