Photos Surface Of Malia Obama Partying At Night Club – White House Panicking

The White House is in panic mode this week after photos surfaced of Malia Obama drinking and partying at an Amsterdam nightclub.

The newly-18 year-old first daughter was reportedly celebrating her graduation earlier this month when she was spotted partying the night away at a nightclub in the European city until around 3am. Malia was seen at The Sugar Factory by DJ Youri Roest, who recounted that, “everybody got drunk really fast. I have to admit even I got pretty tipsy later on, but I remember giving one of those girls a glass filled with pure vodka.”

Rest added that Malia is a “superb dancer, much like her father” and that she Is “very flexible, she has good hips.” According to US Blasting News, he also said Malia was “flirting heavily.”

“I think she went home around 3:30,” Roest recalled. “I think this was because it was very busy and everybody found out she was there.”

The fact that their daughter has turned into a wild party girl is particularly humiliating for the Obamas, given how hard they worked to make themselves look like the “perfect parents.” Maybe instead of telling us how to raise our kids, Michelle, you should focus on raising your own!