Outrage After THIS Was Noticed at RNC…

The Republican National Convention is taking place this week, and liberals are looking to demonize the proceedings in any way they can.

Now, leftists are up in arms about a photo that depicted a mere two words hanging from the ceiling. According to Mad World News, a Wall Street Journal reporter snapped a picture of a sign that read “White Elevators.”

It didn’t take long for liberal news outlets to take that and run with it. Raw Story kicked things off by calling it “an Oscar-level performance in tone-deafness” before relating it to Trump’s “racism.” New York Daily News went even further by calling the signs “Jim Crow-esque.”

Of course, there was actually nothing racist about the sign at all. It was simply part of a series of color-coded signs that help direct attendees of the RNC get around that may have included “Red Elevators” and “Blue Elevators.”

This once again shows how ridiculous liberals can be. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.