Major Shakeup At Fox – Top Personality OUT

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was moved out of the Fox headquarters in Manhattan on Thursday, weeks after host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment.

According to Daily Mail, sources with Fox have confirmed that Ailes was moved out of his office at 1211 Avenue of the Americas and into another New York City building owner by 21st Century Fox – Fox News’ parent company – on Thursday. The sources said that Ailes and Fox have come to an agreement on a $60 million payout, much more than the $20 million that was reported on Tuesday.


Ailes and Fox are reportedly “still wrestling” over the language of Ailes’ apology or “acceptance of responsibility” as well as how long he will remain with the network as a consultant.

This news came hours after former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue, who was fired from the network, announced she is writing a tell-all memoir “in which she will candidly discuss her years at Fox News and her interactions and communications with Mr Ailes.”

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Dhue’s lawyer released the following statement to CNN:

You are one of several media members who have contacted either Laurie Dhue or me in the past two weeks asking her to comment on Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit against Roger Ailes at Fox News in which Ms. Carlson alleges that she was a victim of sexual harassment; and on the reports of an investigation by an outside law firm into Mr. Ailes’ behavior. It is worth noting that we have not been contacted or interviewed by Paul Weiss, the attorneys reported to be conducting the inquiry on behalf of Fox.

Ms. Dhue does not intend to comment in the media. She is in the process of writing a book in which she will candidly discuss her years at Fox News and her interactions and communications with Mr. Ailes and many other Fox News personalities, her involuntary departure from Fox News and her lack of success in continuing her career in the television news industry following her departure from Fox News.

Ailes’ ouster from Fox could get extremely messy, as A-listers like Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren are in talks to follow him out the door.

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