Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Just Put All Of Steve Bannon’s Dirty Laundry on Display, It’s Gross [Details]

After fading into near-obscurity, Steve Bannon seems to have wormed his way back into Trump’s good graces.  The feud between Kushner and Bannon looks to have rekindled as well.

Reportedly, Bannon was the guy who convinced Trump to withdraw from the Paris Accord.  Kushner and Ivanka wanted Trump to remain in the agreement.  Obviously, Trump ultimately chose to side with Bannon.

A lot of people thought Bannon was on the chopping block in April, but here he is again driving out country into a dark place.

Kushner and Ivanka don’t like Bannon or the way he influences Trump.  According to sources, “They care about being well received in the Upper West Side cocktail parties. They view Steve as a man with dirty fingernails, with some weird, crazy, extremist philosophy they don’t think is in the best interest of the President. With all respect to them, they don’t understand how Trump got elected. They don’t understand the forces behind it, they don’t understand the dynamics of the situation, and they certainly don’t understand his appeal and the people who voted for him—they can’t understand it.”

It seems fitting for a man as filthy as Steve Bannon to have poor hygiene.  It’s hard to blame Kushner and Ivanka for not wanting him around.

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