Did You See THIS at the RNC?

Four of Donald Trump’s children have become fixtures on his campaign trail, but his 10 year-old youngest son has stayed out of the limelight: until now.

According to Daily Mail, young Barron Trump was pictured walking into the Republican National Convention with his father along with his mother Melania. The boy was quickly dubbed Trump’s mini-me by the press due to the slicked-back hair he sported that is just like that of the business mogul’s.


Barron’s night started off well with him getting a fist bump from his big brother, Donald Jr.


He then settled in to listen to his father’s speech.


However, things quickly went south when Trump’s speech passed the one hour mark, and the 10 year-old began to have trouble sitting still.




Melania was clearly not thrilled at her son’s boredom, knowing from experience that the mainstream media uses any excuse they can to rip on her family.


Hopefully, Obama’s media will cut Barron some slack and remember he is just a 10 year-old child. This was a late night for him!