French Mayor Declares War On Muslims – Makes DEVASTATING Move Against 7,000 Islamic Refugees

The Calais jungle was once a popular tourist town in France, but over the past year, it has been turned into a third-world ghetto after being taken over by Muslim refugees. Now, violence is rampant in the once ritzy community, and in the wake of the Nice terrorist attack, the local mayor has finally had enough.

According to DC Clothesline, thousands of migrants in the Calais ‘Jungle’ will soon lose their makeshift homes after Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart announced that the northern half of the camp is set to be demolished. She added that the remaining half of the camp will soon be destroyed as well.


“We can’t wait any longer, we need to know as soon as possible when and how the Jungle will be torn down,” she said. “It is absolutely urgent for this town, its people and its businesses.”

Liberals are furious about this of course, but we’re glad to see France finally taking a stand against Muslim refugees. SHARE if you think this camp should be DESTROYED!