BLM Hoodlums Try To Burn American Flag In Cleveland – Then These Bikers Show Up…

In Obama’s America, the act of burning the American flag has suddenly become an “ok” thing to do despite the fact that it is the ultimate display of disrespect against our great nation.

On Wednesday, a group of race-baiting, America-hating protesters gathered outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to show how much they hate they U.S. by burning our flag. They weren’t counting on the patriotic Bikers For Trump group showing up…

According to Conservative Tribune, the bikers showed up with fire extinguishers to douse the flames. They were joined by Cleveland Firefighters, who were also disgusted by the display of anti-patriotism.

Sadly, the flag eventually was burned, but then something happened that the protesters were never expecting. As soon as the flames died down, police began arresting those who had burned the flag.

While burning the American flag is sickeningly legal, it is illegal to set anything on fire in the middle of a large crowd on a city street.

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