Americans Can Breathe a Huge Sigh of Relief! Trump Missed the Fine Print, He Doesn’t Have the Authority to Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement [Details]

The New York Times swooped in to save the day and take all of the wind out of Donald’s sails.  According to their report, the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement will be up to the president in 2021, and there’s no way Donald is making it to a second term — most of us hope he’s out before the end of his first term.

When Donald announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he told Americans that it’s a “bad deal.”  This was his way of spinning the story to favor his decision.  In reality, he wanted to make his oil giants friends and the rest of the GOP happy.  He doesn’t care about Americans.

Read an excerpt from The New York Times below:

“But he [Trump] will stick to the withdrawal process laid out in the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined and most of the world has already ratified. That could take nearly four years to complete, meaning a final decision would be up to the American voters in the next presidential election.”

Trump’s decision was nothing more than a show.  He made the decision out of spite.

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